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Natural Wet Combing Method

Chemical treatments can be purchased through your local pharmacy. These include medicated shampoos,  lotions and  cream rinses. Basically, any product that claims it will kill the live lice falls into this category as you can only kill lice with chemical treatments.

These products are not meant to prevent head lice and please do not leave the treatment in for a longer period of time than directed or use the product more often than recommended.

All chemical treatments work in the same way and that is by only reliably killing the adult live lice. It will leave everything else behind which you must combout afterwards. A second application is required usually 7-10 days later. This second application will again only kill the adult live lice. If you time it just right and get the new adults off before they can lay any more eggs, then you will be successful. Unfortunately, many people treat  3-4 times and use several different product lines only to find out that they still have lice.

You can tell if your treatment has worked by doing a wet combout afterwards. If you find any adult live lice still in the hair, then the treatment has failed or the lice you're working with have become resistant.



How to get rid of head lice?

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There are two main removal methods for head lice.... chemical treatments  or  wet combing. 

Regardless of which method  you choose, you must still manually combout all the nits or the infestation will continue.

Chemical Treatments

This is an all natural treatment and is your safest and most cost effective choice.  The focus is on breaking up the lice life cycle by combing out using a good nit comb, such as the LiceMeister©. It is impossible for head lice to become resistant to this method.

A combout will include applying a carrier to dry hair (carriers include: hair conditioner, olive oil, Vaseline, mayonnaise, cetaphil etc.) Then using a good lice comb and meticulously combing through the hair. The carrier is what will slow down the live lice so do not combout without it. You can start combing as soon as it is applied to the hair as it starts to work immediately.

The first combout will remove the adult live lice and most of the nymphs and nits. There will be some  left behind but these are still too small to see and take off. Do not worry about those left behind, you will get them with the next few combouts. It's important to wait a few days in between combouts because it gives what was left behind a chance to grow and get bigger so that they'll be big enough to see and remove.  Rest assured, that they will not be able to lay any new eggs so the infestation will not worsen. Just schedule your combouts every 3 days for 3 weeks and you will beat their life cycle.


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