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LICE911 Head Lice Prevention

        Wearing your hair up at school or work... ballet          bun or braids are best

        Not sharing hats, helmets, combs, brushes or hair accessories.

        Sending children with their own sleeping bag and pillow for sleep-overs.

        Screening for head lice once a week and combing out often, especially after contact with a suspected case

        Ensuring all jackets scarves, hats etc.. are kept in the backpack at school

        Protecting your head when travelling by bus, train or airplane and in movie theatres.  

How to prevent Head Lice?

Head lice affects millions of people each year and anyone can get head lice. It doesn't matter if your hair is clean or dirty and it has nothing to do with age, gender or social status. If the opportunity is there for that louse to transfer, it will take it.

The easiest way to reduce your risk is to simply be aware of how these bugs work. Head lice  transfer most often when there is direct head-to-head contact with an infested individual...  it takes only seconds for a louse to move from one head to another. Another risk is to come in contact with an item that was used by an infested individual... hats, brushes, scarfs and also on the headrests where many people sit like movie theatres, airplanes and transit.

Many people believe that spraying their child's hair with hair spray, gel, essential oils or medicated sprays will keep the bugs at bay, but unfortunately that is not the case. We have seen some of our highest infestations on children who are doused in tea-tree oil or other concoctions. 

Environmental sprays are  not recommended either as very few lice ever come off the head and those that do are usually near the end of their lifecycle and will die quickly on their own.

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These prevention steps allow you to catch the infestation at the earliest stages which makes removal much easier. Make it part of your weekly regime especially at the high risk times  of year... September, January & April. 

You can't eliminate head lice completely but you can reduce your risk by:

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