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Head lice are tiny human parasites that live entirely on your head. There are three stages of head lice.... Adults, Nymphs & Nits. In order to be successful getting rid of them, we must first understand their life cycle.  ...

The easiest way to reduce your risk is to simply be aware of how these bugs work. Head lice  transfer most often when there is direct head-to-head contact with an infested individual...  it takes only seconds for a louse to move from one head to another...

There are two main treatments of head lice removal....

Manual lice and nit removal is a truly all natural treatment as well as your safest and most cost effective choice.  Focus is on breaking up the life cycle by combing out.  Chemical lice treatments include over the counter, lotions, cream rinses, and shampoos. These are followed by a routine of nit picking and combing out...

When you're screening for head lice you're not just looking for live lice. Head lice are very small and move very quickly. They detect movement and hide away from bright lights. You can confirm a head lice infestation by finding their eggs (nits)... 

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