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Save $10 When you buy the LiceMeister and the Magnifying Visor together

A great comb is a must to ensure complete lice and nit removal. The LiceMeister(c) comb has specially designed teeth that easily pass through the hair without ripping or pulling. The LiceMeister enables regular screening and early detection in addition to thorough removal of head lice and nits. 
The biggest difference between this comb nearly every other comb on the market is that this one is designed for nit removal and it's guaranteed to last through the school years with regular use. Trust the comb... it works!

Licemeister(c) Lice & Nit Comb


Need some extra help? LICE911 offers full head lice and nit removal services either in our Maple Ridge Clinic or we can travel to your home with our mobile unit. There are travel fees for the mobile unit depending on where you are located and no, we will not show up with pictures of lice on the car! We respect your privacy at all times and are extremely discreet. Our products are all-natural and can be used on everyone & better yet, lice cannot become resistant.

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We get rid of head lice... guaranteed!

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