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Professional Lice Removal Services

We get rid of head lice... guaranteed!


Our Lice Free Guarantee:

Our goal is to not only remove head lice but to also teach you how to prevent further infestations. That's why we go one step further and guarantee our results for 30 days. Yes, that's nearly 2x as long as the head lice life cycle!

We want you to have the peace of mind knowing that your family can go back to routine, back to school and back to work without worrying about getting reinfested.

Please contact us for more information on how your family can get our lice free guarantee.

LICE911 -  Lice Services pricing

Lice Removal and training 

Lice Checks are always free

Removal services are billed an hourly rate of  $60/hr and there is no minimum billed. It takes us approximately one hour to do a thorough comb through per head, depending on the length of hair and severity of infestation. We bill in 15 minute increments so you pay only for the time worked.

Removal TrainingSession

$150.00 includes a LICE911 Screening & Removal Kit.

Screening Services

Individual rate $3.00/student or

$8.00/student  for 3 visits scheduled throughout the school year

Screening Training Session

$575.00 to train 5 volunteers

Lice Informational Presentation

$275.00 for 1-2 hours

LICE911 Professional Head Lice Removal Solutions
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