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Professional Lice Removal Services

We get rid of head lice... guaranteed!


Children's size



Adult size

Shows you how to screen for and get rid of head lice and their nits while debunking myths in an easy to follow format.






These capes are washable and will not melt in the dryer. Making them perfect for protecting clothes during head lice and nit removal

Enough tools and information to establish and maintain a lice screening program. Perfect for schools, daycare & community centers.

These wooden sticks are used to make parts in the hair so that you can  quickly identify and diagnose head lice infestations.

A hands free magnifying visor so you can see the tiniest of lice and nits. Now includes a clip on directional light.


Easily combs through hair to remove stubborn nits and live lice.

Includes NPA's Critter Card to help you identify nits & lice.

Naturally identifies and removes lice and nits
No chemicals needed & lice cannot become resistant

Now you can use the same tools the professionals use.

Lice Screening & Removal Tools

Natural Head Lice Screening and Removal tools to quickly and safely diagnose and remove head lice and their eggs (nits).

LICE911 Professional Head Lice Removal Solutions
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