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LICE911 offers full head lice and nit removal services either in our Maple Ridge Clinic or we can travel to your home with our mobile unit. There are travel fees for the mobile unit depending on where you are located and no, we will not show up with pictures of lice on the car! We respect your privacy at all times and are extremely discreet.

During your service, our lice specialists will remove the lice and nits as well as teach you how to beat the life cycle and prevent reinfestations. The LICE911 removal system is completely safe, natural and non-toxic and better yet, head lice cannot become resistant to it.


There is a huge hands-on component to this session. Once we have everything set up, we get you working in the hair. We show you how to use our tools, what to look for, how to make sure no nits or live lice are left behind and also some tricks of the trade. This service takes about an hour and we leave you with enough tools and information afterwards to continue on your own. You'll know exactly how and when to combout afterwards to beat the lice life cycle and we include a LICE911 Screening and Removal Kit (value $69.95) so you have the tools to continue on your own.

Cost: $150.00 per person

Includes LICE911 Screening & Removal Kit and unlimited follow up checks

Head Lice Removal Services  

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With the Helping Hands Package we work together with you to get your family lice free. We do the first combout or two, then it's your turn. You do one or two combouts and then we do the last one. As we're working with the hair, you'll get to see how we move through the hair and we'll show you a few tricks of the trade so that your followups are easier. You leave the appointment with a full combout schedule so you know exactly when and how to do a combout. We schedule the combouts so that even if you miss something on your scheduled combout days, the live lice are never left alone long enough to mature into a reproducing adult. This ensures that we are continually breaking up their life cycle whether we're doing the combouts or your are. This is perfect for those who are somewhat comfortable working with the hair or who want to do it on  their own but need some help getting started. 

Removal services take about an hour per person, depending on the length of hair and level of infestation.

Cost $60/hr

Our Removal Training Session is designed for those families who would like to do their  own nit-picking but need some help getting started or for schools and childcare centres who would like to follow up their screening program with full removal support.

With this session, we teach you how to do a full combout on one person. We start by showing you how to set up so that everyone is as comfortable as possible. Then, before we start, we teach you how to protect yourself during the process so you don't have any surprises later! 

All removal services are $60/hr (one hour min)

We bill in 15 minute increments after the minimum.

Removal packages to choose from..

Lice Removal Training Session

A First Combout Service is for those who are comfortable working with the hair or are managing to keep the infestation at a low level but not quite eliminate completely. For this session, we do the first full combout for you which removes the bulk of the infestation so that your followup combouts are easier. During your session, you'll see how we work with the hair and we answer all your lice questions. We leave you with a full followup schedule and instructions so you know exactly how and when to combout  after we leave .

Our Full Service Package is our most popular package and is designed to have us do the entire removal work for you. This is a great option if you've been struggling for awhile, don't have the time or energy or remove it or just want it gone ASAP. With this service, you will be lice free and back to routine very quickly. You will not have to do any nitpicking or chemical lice treatments and your success is absolutely guaranteed. In fact, we guarantee our work for 30 days!

This package usually takes 4-5 visits spaced out over 10-14 days.

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