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Professional Lice Removal Services

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Introducing our "Know B4 You Go"program...

One of the biggest benefits of this program is how quickly campers can get settled into their cabin and adjusted to camp life. This step alone can have huge positive effects on the enjoyment of their camp experience.

As an alternative to having the campers checked before they head off to camp, we also offer an in-camp lice check with our mobile unit. This means that no camp is too small and no place is too far. We're able to screen and treat head lice infestations immediately onsite and we'll work with you and your staff to prevent any possible outbreaks. Travel fee applies.

With this program, we work together to ensure that your campers only bring home happy memories of camp life and not head lice.

  • Campers can come into our clinic before they head off to camp
  •   - Lice checks are done by appointment and are always free
  • If lice and/or nits are detected
  •  - We work with them until they are lice free
  •  - Once clear, they get a "lice-free" note to bring with them to camp
  • If no live lice an/or nits are present
  •  - We send them a 'lice-free' note to bring with them to camp


It only takes one louse to infest an entire camp...

Every summer, one of our most common calls to our Head Lice Hotline come from camps.

Since head lice is commonly spread through direct head-to-head contact, bringing many children together in close quarters greatly increases the chances of catching head lice.


Are you worried your family  may have head lice, want confirmation that you are now lice free, or were exposed to someone with an active case and want to prevent an infestation or maybe just aren't sure what to look for?

Book an appointment & have us do the checking for you.

With this service, our head lice specialists travel to your school or childcare centre to screen students and staff. We go to great lengths to make your screening experience fabulous & fun while teaching easy preventative measures to the students. We recognize that staff and administration are in a high risk situation for lice and encourage as many staff members to come in for their lice checks during our visit. Staff checks are always done no charge.

During our visit, we normalize the subject of head lice by encouraging open communication and answering any questions your students may have. All students are given a reward for participating which further helps open the line of communication between students, parents & staff.
Our lice specialists screen each child with an new set of screening sticks per student. We are conscious of any latex allergies and wear latex free gloves when working so there is no worry about head lice transfer during the screening session. If we diagnose a case of head lice, it is discreetly recorded so that the student and their friends are not aware of the diagnosis.

Our proven system helps with re-occurring outbreaks. Your screening service includes discounts on our LICE911 Removal Kit, our LICE911 Head Lice Awareness package, school newsletters and free support for families. We also have full removal services available to help families who may be struggling. Travel fee applies.  

Single Visit: $3.00/student (minimum applies)
Package price: 3 visits:@ $8.00/student

We know how difficult head lice can be to see and diagnose. Our head lice specialists are trained to spot the earliest of infestations. We use screening sticks and magnifying visors so that we're able to see the tiniest of nits and/or live lice. Screening only takes about 5 minutes per person.

So if you've had a recent infestation, been exposed to someone with head lice or just want confirmation that you're all clear, give us a call. We'll be happy to book some time for a no cost screening & consultation for you & your family.

Lice checks are always free

Home visits are available, travel fee applies

School & Childcare Centre screening services

Lice and nit checks

Lice checks for camps

Keep ahead of head lice this year by booking our school-wide head lice screening services.
One time sessions are helpful if you are dealing with an outbreak or crisis situation. Or for completely proactive approach, book all three sessions.  
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