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Professional Lice Removal Services

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LICE911 - Professional Head Lice Services

Lice Removal, Screening & Training 

Services now covered by some extended health care programs

Are you worried your family  may have head lice, want confirmation that you are now lice free, or were exposed and want to prevent an infestation or just not sure what to look for?

We offer full head lice evaluation and diagnosis as well as school, daycare and camp lice checks. Our head lice specialists will travel throughout the greater Vancouver area to screen, check and diagnose the earliest infestations.... 

The LICE911 treatment method is based on breaking up the lice life cycle by manually removing lice and their nits. Head lice cannot become resistant to this method and your success is guaranteed. We begin by screening all family members to evaluate the level of infestation. Once we confirm an infestation, we proceed with the wet-combing method of removal...

Interested in learning more about head lice? Want to hear the latest in removal methods, what products work and which ones are myths? Check out our lice screening and/or removal training sessions for hands on experience.

Or, if you're looking to get current lice information out to a large group, our Lice informational seminars may be in order...

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LICE911 Professional Head Lice Removal Solutions
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