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Professional Lice Removal Services

We get rid of head lice... guaranteed!


With this session, we teach you how to do a full combout on one person. We start by showing you how to set up so that everyone is as comfortable as possible. Then we teach you how to protect yourself during the process so you don't have any surprises later! 

Our Removal Training Session is designed for families who would like to do their  own nit-picking but need some help getting started or for schools and childcare centres who would like to follow up their screening program with full removal support.

Volunteers will be privy to some very personal information about students so a big focus is on confidentiality and etiquette when working with students. There is a risk of catching head lice while checking so we also take time to teach volunteers how to prevent catching it themselves.

We go through a mock screening session as well so you leave our session with enough knowledge and skills to confidently screen, treat and prevent head lice infestations. All participants receive an information package and a LICE911 Screening Kit (value $295.00) is included so you have all the tools and information you need to start and maintain your program.


Cost $575.00 for up to 5 people

$50 for each additional participant

Includes LICE911 Screening Kit

There is a huge hands-on component to this session. Once we have everything set up, we get you working in the hair. We show you how to use our tools, what to look for, how to make sure you leave no nits or live lice behind and also some tricks of the trade. This service takes about an hour and we leave you with enough tools and information afterwards to continue on your own. You'll know exactly when and how to combout to beat the lice life cycle and we include a LICE911 Screening and Removal Kit (value $69.95) so you have the tools to continue on your own.

Cost: $150.00 per person

Includes LICE911 Screening & Removal Kit and unlimited follow up checks

Lice Removal Training Session

Head Lice Informational Seminar

Screening Training Session

This seminar provides all the information you ever wanted to know about head lice.... and then some!  Suitable for schools and childcare centres that are dealing with an outbreak, or for groups and organizations that are in direct contact with children.

We focus on debunking the myths, teach you what works and what doesn't so that you can treat and prevent head lice. We'll show you how to break up the lice lifecycle and why knowing how to do so is important to your treatment success. We'll also teach you how to screen for head lice, some tricks of the trade and provide an opportunity to practice your lice screening skills.


Participants can view actual samples of head lice and nits and have all their questions answered by a lice specialist. An information package is provided for each participant.


Head Lice Seminar (1-2hrs)  $275.00

This session is perfect if your school or childcare centre is starting a lice committee or just want to brush up on some screening skills.

We start by teaching you about head lice, how they spread, how to beat the lice life cycle and show actual examples of lice and nits so you get to know exactly what to look for.

Training and Education services


Ever wondered how we do what we do? Curious about current head lice practices in schools and/or the workplace? Want to learn which head lice treatments and prevention methods work and which don't?

If you answered yes, then have a look at some of our training & education services. We teach you everything you ever wanted to know about head lice, dubunk the myths and show you some of the tricks of the trade all while having a great time. 

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