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Most things can be dealt with simply by placing them in a hot dryer for 30 minutes. The heat in the dryer will kill any lice and/or nits. Sheets, pillowcases, towels, stuffed animals etc. can be dealt with in this manner.  


Items that cannot be dried can simply be set aside for 2 days and they are good to use again. The lice will dehydrate quickly if left in an area of the home where there is no contact with the infested individual.... no bagging, freezing or trips to the Laundromat required. 

You can address upholstered furniture and car seats etc. by simply vacuuming to remove any lice and nits that may be there. Combs, brushes, hair accessories, and lice combs can be cleaned by washing them in hot water (65 degrees) for 10 minutes. 

There is no need to use environmental sprays as lice will die very quickly once they're off the head.

What to clean

You do not have to clean your house every day. Cleaning is done only on the first day of your removal as that is the day you are dealing with any adult live lice.

Lice can only live 48 hours when off the head so your cleaning should focus on where the infested person has been in the last 2 days.

They cannot burrow into pillows or mattresses. They need something with thick pile (something that mimicks hair) for their claws to grip and so will not go onto any smooth surface like countertops, leather couches etc.

Remember that cleaning is only done when adult live lice are present... this is on the first day you start treatment. After that, the focus quickly switches to  breaking up the lifecycle by doing regular combouts which prevents them from developing to an adult again.

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