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The LICE911 Difference...

LICE911 has a proven record of helping families get rid of head lice. We have a 100% success rate and specialize in chronic cases.

We are dedicated to head lice awareness through education, prevention, training, screening, and removal services. 

Why we're different..

We're different because we know what works and what doesn't when it comes to head lice. Our lice technicians are extremely knowledgeable about head lice and know the emotional toll having lice in the home can take on a person. We're here to help, that is our promise to you.

The LICE911 removal method breaks up the lice life cycle. Head lice cannot become resistant to this method and all you need is a good comb and some hair conditioner to be successful. Olive oil, vaseline, mayonnaise, cetaphil or tea tree oil will work just as well, but hair conditioner is a lot easier to wash out afterwards!

This method is most successful when working with a good quality comb. Look for a comb that has metal teeth at least 2"long. The teeth are rigid, cannot be bent easily and the handle is sealed into the teeth of the comb. Quality combs will save you hours of nitpicking. We love the LiceMeister (c) comb because it will take them out even if you can't see them!

The first combout removes most of the live lice and nits that are on the head. Any lice or nits remaining are easily removed with each subsequent comb out and long before they can reproduce. Just schedule your combouts every 3 days and remember to use conditioner every time you comb out.

This method will break up their life cycle and guarantee complete removal. We have a 100% success rate and have never met a case of head lice we couldn't beat!

LICE911 Professional Head Lice Removal Solutions
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